21.09.07, 15.00 Uhr: Ein 70s GLAM ROCK SPECIAL einfach so …

GLAM ROCK, an almost forgotten rocking style from the 70s. This is the way a DJ says: I am sorry, but next weeks shows have to be cancelled—I am not in town.

Many listeners asked why we play 50s, 60s und 80s but no 70s at all. Here we are: our Glamrock Special with GARY GLITTER, THE SWEET, SUZI QUADRO, MOTT THE HOOPLE, MUD a.m.m.;

beim GLAM ROCK SPECIAL, in dem wir diese fast vergessene Stilrichtung der Rockmusik hoch leben lassen. Eine Stunde (vielleicht auch zwei — mal schauen, wie es l